Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Penny Winter

Such beautiful pieces....there's just something about the use, and mix of "raw" stones that goes unmatched. Each piece bears evidence of the amount of time and craftsmanship given to perfect. Read on for more about this fabulous collection.

 IF you are yet to hear of Penny Winter then it is our pleasure to introduce you. A lady of many talents and trades - philanthropist, fashion designer, costumier and sailor to mention a few - it is her latest role as jewellery designer that has us most excited.

Since moving to Africa in 1997, Winter has established a creative hub in central Nairobi, out of which her jewellery business - which uses native materials and employs local craftsmen and women - exports globally. Describing her aesthetic as "bohemian rock fusion", her debut collection combines nature with opulence - a covetable amalgamation indeed.

"I couldn't do what I do anywhere other than Kenya really," Winter told us. "The combination of the workmanship from the different tribes who have their own skillsets make to my pieces unique - the Kamba stone setters, the Kikuyu horn carvers and the Luo metalworkers combine together to make a completely Kenyan affair."

Get a deeper insight into Winter's sourcing and design process as she talks us through the making of and inspiration behind her collection. (Vogue U.K.)

Penny Winter

Clawhorn choker with Rubies, Lanradorite and red Garnet

Gold bead necklace with faceted rutilated Quartz

"The stones and other components are sourced on my journeys - from the Nigerian dealers in downtown Nairobi, to the Swahili island of Lamu, to the bush where a lot of the mines are."

Labradorite necklace with 36 faceted beads.
Dark horn collar with rubies and amethyst.

"Everything is bought and mainly set raw, and most stones (the rubies for example) happen to be from a region in Kenya I am very familiar with, near where we have our family farm."

Dark horn leaf pendent with two labradorite stones and one pyrite stone.

Tasselled choker with 17 faceted agate strands with gold dividers and labrodorite tips.

"The stones I use for my work have an extra value to me as they are hand-picked - from real stone merchants - often from the backstreets of downtown Nairobi."

Bone ring with rubies and a pyrite cabochon.

Dark horn hoop earrings with faceted labradorite stones.

Dark horn bangles with rough rubies, sapphires, white topaz and labradorite.

Labradorite earrings.
Stone ring with rubies and red garnet.


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