Thursday, April 4, 2013

Vika Gazinskaya S/S 2013

It's certainly no surprise that street style star Vika Gazinskaya always captures the attention of fashion week photographers and bloggers. While she sports a range of looks, she is effortlessly chic. Her latest endeavor is that of ready-to-wear designer, with a collection of ladylike, yet fun pieces. Following, is what she had to say about her particular design asthetic.

Though you might think it to see the scribbled clouds and raindrops all over her new collection, Vika Gazinskaya was emphatically not having a depressive episode when she designed her clothes for Spring '13. Rather, the Moscow-based Gazinskaya explained, she found herself traveling quite a bit this past year, and the sketched skies are a record of things she saw from the airplace windows. (


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