Monday, April 8, 2013

Red Carpet Faux Pas?

Daily Telegraph U.K. writers lend their commentary to some memorable red carpet moments. I must confess....I committed the "Gwyneth Paltrow" on one particular occasion, but am pleased to say that I've reformed.

Gwyneth Paltrow might be having stern words with her team of dressers and stylists after attending the launch of the Tracy Anderson Flagship Studio in Los Angeles with both labels still firmly stuck on the soles of her shoes.

Emma Watson won't be forgetting the gust of wind that questioned her modesty at the London premiere of 'Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince'; her vintage Ossie Clark gown revealed a pair of rather practical apple-catchers.

If in doubt over whether to reach for that razor, do it anyway - we bet Julia Roberts wish she had. The 'Notting Hill' actress caused a veritable frenzy at the London film's permiere when she revealed a bird's nest-worthy pit.

Faux pas-prone actress Lindsay Lohan demonstrated exactly how the art of mastering fake tan is harder then it seems. White 'socks' are cute on a spaniel, but not on a human.

You'd have thought Kristen Stewart (right) would have raked in more than enough from her appearances in the Twilight films to buy a pair of shoes that fit her, right? Wrong! The actress was seen hobbling around at a premiere in this roomy pair (which she might well have borrowed from co-star Kristen Stewart for all we know).
There can never be such thing as too much deodorant - even if you're rocking a gilded Valentino dress - as Keira Knightley discovered at the Venice Film Festival

A voluminous gown always comes with a risk, as Jennifer Lawrence learnt to her peril as she collected her Oscar.

Too much highlighter can be a bad thing; just ask Nicole Kidman, who's brush the white stuff didn't quite come out as planned once the flashbulbs were popping.

Tamara Mellon displays the perils of a sheer fabric and a camera flash - even nipple covers haven't saved her modesty.

Amber Heard 's attempt at an invisible cleavage boost were sorely scuppered by a chicken fillet set on having its picture taken.
Even a designer dress can't guarantee no rips, as Sienna Miller found out in this Marchesa number.

The smile must have been wiped right off of Robert Downey Jr face when he released he'd been flying low all evening.

Poor Lily Allen , there she is having a lovely time when her nipple decides to make a break for it.

(Daily Telegraph U.K.)

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