Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Best & Worst Androgynous Looks?

While this is a trend that I embrace, my personal preference is softer more feminine look like that of the Olsen's.

Rachel Bilson-The Charlie Chaplin hat and androgynous jacket should have been left at home. She's much more suited for the full out feminine attire she usually wears.

We've always loved Emma Watson's short cut and hoped that it would help her pull off the androgynous look. Unfortunately, it's not doing her any favors underneath the out-dated fedora. The worst part? The pale jacket really washes her out.

 At first glance you may think you're staring at one of David Bowie's long lost sons, but a closer look suggests otherwise. Kate Lanphear carry's the androgynous look perfectly, with the sharp lines in the suit offering a contrast to the heels.

Like we've said before, Andrej Pejic is the poster child for androgyny, and here he is pulling off the look once again. We love how he paired the masculine leather pants with the soft sweater and white blouse.

Leighton Meester-Here's a woman wearing an androgyny-inspired suit the right way. The slouchy pants and loosened tie keep it relaxed, while the heels and clutch add an unmistakable feminine touch.
We all remember the Olsen's infamous over-sized jackets and dresses that seemed to be swallowing their tiny frames whole, and we're happy to see they've moved on to something else. The studded belt goes perfectly with the androgynous theme they're both pulling off.

Tilda Swinton is known for sporting the androgyny trend at its best. Her sharp features and sleek blonde hair provide a menswear-feel on its own, but the sheer top underneath provides a nice contrast. She completes the trend in bold black and white separates.

The ever-stylish Alexa Chung knows what she's doing when it comes to menswear. The fabric of the lace top and suspenders add an interesting twist to the look.

Oh Coco, we love you, but something is amiss with this ensemble. The ill-fitting pants and large vest are just not working together. There's no happy medium here when it comes to slouchy versus tailored.

We're not sure if Shailene is channeling a maître d' outfit or about to conduct a symphony, but either way it's not working.
Chloe usually doesn't make fashion mistakes, and this look is no exception. We love the ivory shade and high waist put together with the more masculine shoes and suspenders.

No, this isn't a mug shot and Rihanna isn't dressed in prison-wear, but she might as well be. The high collar, over-sized blazer and mismatched stripes is too much masculinity to handle.

The ivory dress almost makes it onto our best dressed list, but not quite. Lose the tie and detachable collar, that's all. An androgynous dress is a bit of an oxymoron, and this outfit was definitely a stretch.

This ill-fitted suit makes Amanda's frame appear more boyish than it should be. The vamped-up dark lips and matching shoes are matronly and unappealing.

This semi-androgynous look is sleek and classy on Amber Heard. We love the high-waist pants with the masculine fabric of the leather belt. She completes the androgynous look with minimal jewelry and red lips.


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