Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Jewel Library

This is by far some of the coolest of creations that I've run across in recent months! For me, the idea of getting unusual pieces encased in unique packaging is equally exciting!

The words of William Shakespeare, Carlo Collodi, Virginia Woolf or James Matthew Barrie enclosed into a jewelry piece. Can you think of a prettier gift? They are the magnificent creations by Satyrika: short stories you can wear around the neck, ancient legends whispered in your ear and magic formulas that slip from the fingers are the result of a fervent passion for literature. Short stories in old-looking brass, velvet, resin and glass, hand-written textiles embellished with watercolors. Displayed in the windows of stores Agrodolce, in Rimini, Au Petit Bonheur and Love-Shop Lovever, in Turin, each piece comes with a pretty paper box, waiting to be worn, and to tell its story.


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