Monday, January 14, 2013

Stylish Do's and Don'ts for The Cold Weather?

Yes, according to The Daily Telegraph U.K. As usual, all is accompanied by a dose of witty commentary.

Do… buy a 'show coat'. A special occasion won't lend itself to a woolly wonder, so make like Rihanna and splash out on a special piece that comes into its own when you need to make a warm but showstopping
Do… reap the merits of a gilet. Actress Sarah Jessica Parker effortlessly shows how a gilet needn't equal country casual. Opt for a lightweight, down-filled style and layer with sloppy knits.                   
Don't… wear wellies, unless it's actually snowing or flooding . Nothing screams 'drama queen' more than an over-sensitive reaction to the forecast. Wellies don't keep your feet warm, and should only be acquired when it's really chucking it down.                   
Do… wear it with a white shirt. Tackle the dress-in-winter dilemma by tucking a crisp white shirt underneath block colours. Tip courtesy of Alexa Chung at the 2012 Met Ball.                   
Do… wear a statement accessory. The rest of your outfit might be plain, but make like Poppy Delevingne and add a statement fur hat and no one will be looking at your navy coat.
Don't... EVER wear Ugg boots. They might be fur-lined and feel like slippers, but they don't do anyone any favours. Look how any Ugg-wearer's ankle slips to the side of the boot due to the fact they have NO support; and you'll see why. We're looking at you Lea Michele.
Do… Be furry. Kate Moss looks like a chic baby seal, and a warm one at that. Whether real or not, fur coats beat all others in the cosy stakes. Just make sure yours isn't too bulky.                   
Do…invest in a chic quilted coat. American actress Kelly Ripa masterfully proves that chilly needn't equal bulky. A chic, waist-cinched down-filled coat is just the ticket.
Don't… be ridiculous.Rita Ora's fur-lined parka has absolutely no impact on her temperature levels seeing as she's not even sporting any trousers. Sometimes, you just have to leave your try-hard credentials on the hanger.
Do… look to stylish knits. Actress Cameron Diaz's generously-necklined jumper also acts as a scarf, and still looks perfect with jeans when the coat comes off indoors.                   
Do… invest in a chic beanie. As the brisk winds creep in, woolly headwear is a must to protect frost-bitten ears. Forget masculine pilot style numbers and make like Taylor Swift in a chic burgundy beanie.                   
(Daily Telegraph U.K.)