Sunday, October 7, 2012

Anatomy of the Bag: Simone Rainer

New inspiration for the SS 2013 collection by Simone Rainer who to develops a new line of handbags rethinking the human body, analyzed with rigor and coldness, as in the famous Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Tulp, a masterpiece by the Dutch artist Rembrandt.

After two seasons dedicated to a precious alchemic alchemic research, the designer explores the mystery, the forms and mechanisms of human organs. The result is a collection with unusual shapes, such as circles, triangles and penthagons, bathed in intense colors like red ruby. Two-dimensional objects that reveal surprising functions: all made from soft leather that hides drawings patterns looking like veins and arteries, blue and red like divine blood crossing each other with magical inlayings. Irregular volumes with squashed paint effects that shimmers like vivid flesh. A precious collection characterized by a precise sign.  (


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