Friday, October 19, 2012

15 Things Most Women Regret Buying?

This according to the Daily Telegraph U.K. I literally laughed out loud of some of their comments. One of my favorites, is their commentary on the velour tracksuit...those have ALWAYS been a hot mess, even when Juicy Couture made them popular. Check them all out and have a good laugh!

Kim Kardashian is a walking example of why leather trousers are the fashion purchase women most regret. Every pair should come with a warning that unless your pins are stick thin, avoid at all cost. At least Kim has avoided the crime most women (including her) usually perpetrate of squeezing their legs into a tight, sausagey pair and opted for this season's more fashion-forward baggy pair.
*I actually prefer this style to the traditional.                  

Not seen on anyone but Vicky Pollard since the Eighties, the shell suit has left brutal scars, making it the second most regrettable fashion item women have ever bought.

3. VELOUR TRACKSUITS Aaaragh! Our eyes!!! Outside of Page 3, Tulisa is surely the only woman on earth still wearing the dreaded velour tracksuit? As one of her Twitter followers thoughtfully pointed out just the other week, Tulisa looks like 'council estate Barbie' - not a look any woman should aspire to, hence their number three spot on this list.
4. FLUORESCENT OUTFITS The reason why Fluoro clothing made it so high on this list: In your mind you look young and playful. In reality you look 10 years older than you actually are. Neon is ageing, not a concern for Nicki Minaj who just looks ridiculous...

5. SEE-THROUGH TOPS Oh Nancy, put it away already! Contrary to what you might think, see-through tops rank as one of the least sexy fashion items you'll ever wear. If you've got a perfect 'pair', you'll look like a stripper, if you haven't, you'll look like a low-rent stripper. It's a lose/lose situation ladies making this the fifth most regretted fashion purchase.

6. BUM BAGS A bum bag may be a practical way to carry your essentials but that isn't enough to stop 33 per cent of women from regretting their purchase. Heather Mills chose to sport hers with a suit for added faux-pas points.
7. CROP TOPS 30 per cent of women regret flashing their stomachs in socially unacceptable short tops. You might want to show the world the spoils of your gym workouts, but unless you want be paired with the likes of Sporty Spice it's best to keep covered up. And no, Jennifer Lopez , putting a blazer over the top doesn't count.                   

How to instantly destroy a Bond babe's sexy reputation? Throw on a padded coat. Essential at the North Pole, very cosy in winter, but they can add two dress sizes instantly. On trend they might be this season but proceed with caution.
*In Halle's defense, she's on a movie set. 

9. CROCS While Kate Middleton is never one to shy away from a challenge - no matter how outdoorsy - even a royal flourish can't make those outragous rubber duck feet work. Thankfully the red crocs haven't made an appearance since the Sisterhood Challenge of 2007, and it's a sentiment many women share looking back with 29 per cent wishing they'd never gone there. Stick to nude courts Kate.                   
10. THIGH-HIGH BOOTS Are you Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman? Do you work nights at Spearmint Rhino? Are you under 30? Are you a supermodel on a catwalk? If the answer to any of these questions is no, give thigh-high boots the brush off. There's a reason why cute blonde teen Taylor Momsen's rep went downhill fast when she stared dressing like this, and 28 per cent of women agree.

11. HOT PANTSEllie Goulding insists on wearing itsy-bitsy shorts whatever the weather, even pairing them with sheer tights. Her style crime aside, only backing dancers have a valid excuse for wearing micro shorts, as 24 per cent of women who also regret having worn them in the past soon found out.

12. CLOGS Aside from a Dutch history appreciation event, there is never an appropriate time to don a pair of clogs as the usually glamorous Julianne Moore proves.
The scourge of Northern high streets on a Saturday night, the ultra-mini miniskirt is something 18 per cent of women regret ever wearing. It's safe to assume that at least 90 per cent of people who witnessed it regret it too...

14. FLARESIt's a myth that flared trousers balance out a bigger bottom, in fact they can give you curves in all the wrong places making them the 14th most regrettable buy.

*This one I don't agree with...I personally love these flares, and am currently looking for a similar pair.

Looking at actress Drew Barrymore's snazzy Aztec poncho, it's surprising that more than 8 per cent of women didn't list them as a fashion mistake...

(Daily Telegraph U.K.)

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  1. Hilarious! And I agree with you on the flare jeans; I like them. The only other item I don't agree with is see through tops; if the see through is minimal and not as exposing as shown here I think it can look very nice. Great post!