Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ashish Gupta for Topshop

While London is preparing for the Olympic opening ceremony and sports mania is taking over the world, Topshop has presented the eighth capsule collection created by Ashish Gupta – the Indian-born designer who’s British by adoption and a favourite with stars of the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker, Madonna and Jerry Hall.

The mini-collection includes nine pieces – they revolve around the world of sport, which Gupta has given a glamorous, stylish spin to with coloured prints and sequins. The designs range from classic t-shirts and track suit bottoms to American-inspired baseball jackets. There are slogans too, some more conventional, some less so. There’s the classic “I love sports” as well as the less famous “Loser!”

Gupta explains: “I was rubbish at sports in school, and I was always the last one chosen for the football team! So I can relate to being the ‘loser’! I want to celebrate the underdog, the runner-up, the ones that don’t get the medals!”


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