Friday, January 27, 2012

Shopper's Delight!

O.k so I had a T.J. Maxx/Marshalls gift card left over from Christmas, that was burning a hole in my pocket. I was determined to hold on to it until this particular time, in order to partake in those clearance and final markdowns. I stopped in T.J. Maxx first, with high hopes, but didn't find too much in the way of clothing, coats, shoes etc. On my way out, I doubled back to the jewelry counter and spotted the Lucky Brand ring. I'm still in "minimal jewelry mode," so I wanted something that could stand well alone. After trying it on, I was sold....the $16.99 price tag didn't hurt much either!

From there I went to Marshalls (I still had a balance of $54 on the gift card), of course I started with the shoes, and was excited to find that the Steve Madden boots had been marked down to $20! There were only two pair left, and thank God one was a 9.5! I love, love, love the navy blue leather.....I'll definitely wear them on into spring. I look forward to a lot of mixing and matching! Nothing more caught my eye in the shoe department, so I was off to peruse the clearance racks. I ran across the maxi skirt, which was just what I'd been looking for....accordion pleats. As I proceeded to the checkout area, I caught a glimpse of the Eva Longoria perfume. My niece gave a bottle to my sister as a Christmas gift, and after a whiff, I thought it one of the best smelling fragrances.

All in all, It was a good shopping day!
Lucky Brand, $16.99; T. J. Maxx

Steve Madden "Craizie", $20; Marshalls

Eva Longoria EDP, $14.99; Marshalls

Marshalls, $15

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  1. I love the Steve Madden shoes. I am definetly gonna get them, if I can find them. I think they would look great with the ring, so i might get that too. Love this post thx!