Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Shoe Art: Kobi Levi




Mallard Duck



Olive Oyl

Blonde Ambition

Mother & Daughter
Banana slip-on

Diner version

Porcelian version


Contemporary Chinese

Double boots



Market trolley

Kobi Levi is a genius, unusual, true creative talent, the captor of surrounding reality, of unpredictable objects, of animal appearances.

He graduated in 2001 at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, specializing in shoe design. In the last five years he has collaborated with the company Skins Footwear and, as a freelance designer, with various Israeli and international brands.

 He considers shoes as his canvas that when handled and transformed takes on “extreme” appearances, like a new hybrid element. The result has a strong humorous appeal and his point of view is unique. “

When I design a shoe I envisage it as a sculpture to wear, a piece of art you live with. Your body and yourself affect the shoes’ look and the other way around. Shoes must have a life of their own even when they are not worn.”

 Each piece is handmade in the designer’s studio, woven and carved with the care of an artisan. For each shoe, Olivia, a slide, a banana skin, an elephant, a teapot, a dog, and many other everyday objects, are seen and created like objects for a surrealist exhibition, like museum pieces. But also as accessories to be worn, shoes that make us sway and show an unusual way to be and appear.


Genuis Indeed! He continually amazes me with his "artistic range."

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