Thursday, December 29, 2011

Collections: Ling Wu

"Music and vintage fashion are big influences of my collections”

"Music and vintage fashion are big influences of my collections. When I’m designing, I listen to a certain genre of music over and over again! - Goh Ling Ling explains - My current collection was designed listening to Serge Gainsbourg and the one I’ve just finished designing I was listening to blues-rock outfit The Black Keys. Both artists have a very raw sound and the lyrics are very real and at times humorous. This collection is very romantic but in a very raw way. I like how all the edges of the bags are left un-sewn which makes them look less precious and more ‘travelled’.

The tassels are definitely inspired by a rock and roll mentality and you kind of feel a bit rock and roll when you wear the bags. The ruffles give a little bit of sex appeal the song ‘Bonnie & Clyde’ that Brigitte Bardot did with Serge Gainsbourg. The most important part of designing is picturing who will use the bag. What do they put in it and how do they behave when they walk down the street or go out with friends. I build up different characters who will wear the different bags. And my environment influences me too.

 I studied in London and then went back to live there for 3 years. Most weekends were spent at Portobello and Camden markets...rain or shine! I love to be surrounded with old and beautiful things and I try to show this in my designs. Accents from these pieces I own. In my current collection one of the bag details was inspired by my mother’s vintage belt from the 70's. She has loads of bags and accessories tucked away in her cupboard." "I have a great agent in Tokyo and I successfully launched there last year. The Blue print trade show in Singapore is coming up in May and I’m hoping to secure more buyers from the South East Asia, North Asia and Middle East. More trade shows are also in the pipeline. But I do want to keep control of the size of the brand and am focused on maintaining quality over quantity. I've had my own retail store before and while it's great in building the brand, it requires a lot more money and a lot more effort. In the immediate future I want to focus on the product and working with the best shops around the world to get the bags into the hands of my customers."


Such an beautiful collection! I especially like the shoulder bags.

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