Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Benetton's Design for Curvy Women

The new pin-up sweater from the Treviso fashion house enhances curves and improves the softest figures.

Benetton has recently been on the front pages of blogs, websites and newspapers with its controversial – but definitely effective – ad campaign UNHATE. Today we’re featuring the Treviso fashion house again, but this time in the curvy section – a complete novelty for the brand. Benetton has created a “pin-up sweater”: thanks to its innovative new technology, this enhances your shape and improves the look of your bust and waist. There is also a fun competition to become a Benetton curvy girl. After you’ve taken a photo of you wearing the pin-up sweater in the colour that suits your figure best, you can post it on the app you can find on the Benetton Facebook fan page and share your style choices with other aspiring pin-ups!


How cool is that.....I love the "pin-up girl" hairstyles!

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