Wednesday, March 23, 2011

First Look: Roger Vivier Rendez-Vous

Bruno Frisoni was looking for a new challenge as creative director of Roger Vivier when it occurred to him that perhaps the time had arrived to break the rules. “I want to do a new story, something very special and yet very relatable,” he explained on a recent visit to New York. “I felt there was a gap for us between ready-to-wear and couture, so I wanted to do a new interpretation of luxury and uniqueness.”

The result: Rendez-Vous, a limited-edition collection of shoes and bags launched for Spring/ Summer 2011. Frisoni’s designs bridge the abyss between ready-to-wear and couture by offering what he calls the “essential basics” of the house— the perfect pump or clutch, for example—imbued with couture techniques.

Among the highlights is the Nouvelle Vague pump (seen here), seductively shaped and adorned with one perfect rose crafted of feathers, work done by Lemarié—the same Paris atelier that creates the camellias for Chanel. “One of my favorite words is ‘classic,’ because it’s the recognition of something beautiful and understated,” Frisoni notes. “If it’s classic, that also means that many people have come to recognize its beauty. And in a sense, that makes it perfect.”


Absolutely Lovely!

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