Friday, January 22, 2016

New In

I featured these two items in a post earlier in the week. After receiving them today, I'm really pleased with my purchase!

Soho Jeans Released Hem Culotte - Sassy Blue Wash
$69.95 (buy one get one $10)

This is one of my ABSOLUTE favorite denim purchases to date! Culottes are not for everyone, as I can imagine that they're not desired by most. There are so many styles out there right now, but my preference is more of a wide-leg crop. I'd been looking for a pair since last year, without success. Low and behold, New York + Company added this style about two weeks ago. For me, their perfect! They're nice and soft, with that well-worn feel. The legs are nice and full, and the released hem adds that little something extra.  

Soho Jeans Destroyed Lace-up Flare - Theatrical Blue
$64.95 (buy one get one $10)

Clearly I have a flared jeans obsession, but I love the fit! Lace-up fly, ripped knees and frayed hems----I couldn't resist!

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  1. the 90's trend is back... i'm excited!
    keep in touch. :)

    Can you visit my blog post and send well wishes to my cousin please? :)

    Thanks much! :)