Friday, July 31, 2015

Margaret Zhang for Au Revoir Les Filles "Dawn" Campaign

Known for her inimitable style, Margaret Zhang is the perfect "muse" for this exciting collection.

Inspired by underwater mystery, Au Revoir Les Filles’ latest jewellery collection Dawn encapsulates early marine exploration and discovery.

Creative beauty Margaret Zhang is at the centre of the campaign, exuding edgy femininity and strength in jewels, chocker style necklaces and brilliant silver and gold. Tales of underwater set the mood for this collection: think sunken cities, shipwrecks and monsters of the deep.

Designer Teresa Tiong uses softer tones to reflect colours of the ocean floor, while featuring water pearls and opals, shelled in handcrafted plated gold and silver to represent treasure-like-gems hidden beneath the surface.

Not only does Dawn feature a vintage-inspired ring named after Ms. Margaret Zhang herself, it also showcases the Au Revoir Les Filles' signature ear bar in an all-new design. It's one that emulates the collections darker, mythical vibe in clean lines and delicate asymmetry.

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