Tuesday, May 12, 2015

If You Like LULU FROST Jewelry......

Check out tjmaxx.com for this collection of pretty rings, bracelets and more.

 Brass and Glass Rococo Bracelet, $29.99

 Blue and Black Spike Orbit Necklace, $59.99

 Crystal Deco Stardust Earrings, $39.99

 Made in USA Red Le Baiser Necklace, $24.99

 Blue Enameled Stellar Ring, $29.99
 Crystal Deco Square Stardust Bracelet, $49.99

 Blue Panoptes Ring, $24.99

 Blue Crystal Deco Square Stardust Bracelet, $49.99
 Brass and Glass Revolution Cuff, $49.99

 Duchess Necklace, $79.99

Gunmetal Plated Brass Equine Earrings, $16.99

Yellow Lightray Earrings, $19.99
Black Spike Orbit Earrings, $34.99

Black Equine Ring, $19.99

Brass and Glass Lightray Bracelet, $49.99
Crystal Silver Winged Glory Earrings, $29.99

Pavé Crystal Lunar Earrings, $39.99

Deco Crystal Eclipse Ring, $29.99

Multi Lightray Collar, $59.99

Crystal Oplaine Empress Earrings, $29.99
Mini Equine Necklace, $19.99

Rococo Statement Earrings, $39.99

Gunmetal Plated Brass and Crystal Cuff, $49.99
Blue Crystal Deco Domed Brass Solar Bracelet, $49.99

Crystal Rococo Ring, $29.99
Blue Spike Orbit Earrings, $34.99
Green Lightray Earrings, $19.99


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