Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Cheeky Trinkets

Cheeky indeed! Burgers, a hot dog, handcuffs and more round out this assortment of interesting baubles.

Alison Lou Screw U Bracelet, $925; alisonlou.com

In God We Trust Really Fuckin' Cute Sweet Nothings Necklace, $40; ingodwetrustnyc.com

Nora Kogan Boob Ring with Pave Diamond Nipples, $6,225; norakogan.com
Booty Ring, $490; norakogan.com
Hortense Cat's Meow Stud, $154; catbirdnyc.com

Alison Lou Sh!t Ring, $500; alisonlou.com

Winden Embrace Cuff, $155; needsupply.com

Alison Lou OK! Necklace, $475; stoneandstrand.com
Winden Hashtag Stud Earring, $66; windenjewelry.com

Wendy Nichol Large Pave Middle Finger Ring, $650; wendynicholnyc.com

Venessa Arizaga Weed Bracelet, $100; venessaarizaga.com
Rad Bracelet, $55; venessaarizaga.com
Bombshell Bracelet, $55; venessarizaga.com

Khai Khai Black Diamond See No Evil V.2 Ring, $1,000; khaikhaijewelry.com

Delfina Delettrez Anatomik Single Earring, $1,382; farfetch.com

Alison Lou Super Emotional Necklace, $3,700; alisonlou.com
Jennifer Fisher Brass Handcuff Bracelet, $620; jenniferfisherjewelry.com

Erica Weiner Bottle Opener Ring, $65; ericaweiner.com

Cornelia Webb Spoon Me Necklace, $161; farfetch.com

Winden Jewelry Hear Stud Earrings, $220; windenjewelry.com
Aamaya by Priyanka YOLO Necklace, $191; aamaya-by-priyanka.com

Jacquie Aiche Mini Sweet Leaf Ear Jacket, $2,190; jacquieaiche.com

Coco's Liberty Mini Screw Me Ring, $319; cocosrevenge.com

Goldie Rox The Burger Bangle, $209; wolfandbadger.com

Winden Babe Ring, $45; windenjewelry.com

Nektar de Stagni Drama Pink Pearl Earrings, $430; matchesfashion.com

Nora Kogan Man Ray Lips Cuff, $585; norakogan.com
Bijules Snake Nail Ring, $252; ahalife.com

Faris Bomb Necklace, $145; farisfaris.com

Khai Khai Follow Us Black Diamond Ring, $995; khaikhaijewelry.com

Venessa Arizaga Give Peace a Chance Earrings, $150; venessaarizaga.com
Glenda Lopez The Pizza Ring, $47; bottica.com

Jacquie Aiche Single Diamond Fuck Ear Cuff, $725; jacquieaiche.com

Bittersweets NY Baby Vamp Ring Set, $525; catbirdnyc.com

In God We Trust BFF Animal Tag Necklace Set, $200; ingodwetrustnyc.com

Bernard Delettrez Bronze Hand Cuff, $2,091; notjustalabel.com

Glenda Lopez Hot Dog Ring, $41; wolfandbadger.com

Coco's Liberty Screw You Pendant, $201; wolfandbadger.com
Khai Khai Kale Necklace, $750; khaikhaijewelry.com
Erica Weiner Notorious B.I.G. Heartbeats Necklace, $55; ericaweiner.com
Alison Lou Me Diamond Stud Earring, $1,680; londonjewelers.com


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