Tuesday, August 5, 2014

$95,000 to Sit Front Row at Fashion Week?

Yes, according to Cosmopolitan UK. While I suspected that some had to pay for that coveted spot, I was sure that others were offered seats to appear on behalf of a particular designer while wearing their clothes. I guess I was wrong!

Now we're aware that being able to take up a pew on the front row during Fashion Week (potentially next to the likes of Rihanna, just imagine) is rather exciting.

But is it SO exciting that you'd be willing to shell out $95,000 for the pleasure?

Watermill Center's Summer Auction is offering never-seen-before FROW access in exchange for a cool sum of cash. You can choose between a Milan package which includes two front row tickets to Fendi, Prada and Armani – bids start at $25,000 – or opt for two front row tickets to the Miu Miu show in Paris – bids start at $10,000.

Or, if you're feeling really flush and don't fancy the stress of an auction, you could always just buy the packages outright, you'll just need $95,000 for the first or $25,000 for the second. Peanuts.

What will you get for your money? Chances are whoever digs deep enough to buy these tickets is going to be fairly disappointed. Sure, it's a cool thing to say you've done but unless you make besties with Rih or catch Anna Wintour's eye, all you'll gain from the experience is an insight into the fashion world you probably could have done without. Oh, and a REALLY long (and expensive) shopping list at the end of it.

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