Monday, December 23, 2013

Setting the Bar

Whether setting the bar or raising the bar, the W. Britt collection offers a fresh take on geometrical pieces.

”In each new piece, I seek to create a balance between industrial urban elements and the beauty of classical design,” Brittany Weiss, the designer behind New York-based jewelry line W. Britt, says of her Spring ’14 offering, Raising the Bar. As the name suggests, Weiss challenged herself to bring her work to the next level in design, creating a subcollection to her debut Fall ’13 outing, Assembly Line, which explored the process of creation. The tightly edited new range was influenced by the functionality of scaffolding and the architecture of Le Corbusier. “I incorporated strong lines in Raising the Bar that enhance the beauty and softness of the feminine form when worn,” she said of the lineup, which ranges from $150 to $1,250.

 Weiss interpreted the dynamic play of soft against hard in mixed materials this season, presenting the geometric shapes she favors in bone, black onyx, rose quartz, and amazonite. “The shapes that I draw from the urban landscape in my designs are very thought-out, geometric, and reductive,” she explained. Weiss realizes these new “mechanical” designs via bold forms plated with 18-karat yellow gold, rose gold, rhodium, and ruthenium. The result is a study in three-dimensional construction that’s been softened into wearable shapes and forms. W. Britt is available at Fivestory, Oak, and online at

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  1. Good to see your new collection for fashion designing products although its tough to continue to produce something every time but it requires a lot of research work involved especially on event. Your collection is showing how good knowledge you have for materials to design them in better way.