Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Michelle Obama Hides New Clothes From Barack!

Part of Michelle Obama's appeal has always been the feeling that minus the White House and Nobel Peace Prize winning leader of the free world husband, she's just like one of us. Well, when it comes to shopping, it seems Michelle really is just like every woman on earth.

n an interview with Barbara Walters on ABC, consummate fashion icon Michelle revealed how she's not above pulling the oldest trick in the book on her husband - pretending her new purchase is just 'that old thing':

Barack: She's got to sneak in something, you know...
Michelle: Like, that's not new.
Barack: She's got that old strategy -'No, no, that's old'.
Michelle: Yeah.
Barack: Meaning that she bought it a month ago, it's the first time she's wearing it, but...
Michelle: Technically.
Barack: ...Technically it's not brand new.
Michelle: It's not new.

(Daily Telegraph U.K.)

My, my, the things we women must go through to stay fashionable...I love it!

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