Friday, October 1, 2010

For The Love Of "Bambi"

While on the look out for the perfect leopard peep toe bootie, I headed for the mall. You see, I not only look for something utterly fabulous, but it also has to have a certain degree of comfort. Keeping in mind the growing list of things that I still want to purchase, I didn't want to spend a great deal of money. After an exhaustive search, I headed back to my car, by way of J.C. Penney. You know that saying about the last place that you look...well there they were in all their glory...."BAMBI" was love at first sight! I raced over with fingers crossed, hoping that they would have my size...they did! I tried them on and they fit like a soft glove (the material is a sueded fabric)....the upturned toe with the hidden platform, gives it the perfect "rocker effect," so that the toes are not slanted straight down. Needless to say, when "BAMBI" and I made out departure, it was the end of a beautiful day!

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